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Ural Regional Forum CULTURALICA - 2020
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⸗ High-quality space for the presentation and discussion of world trends, large-scale projects and global problems in the sphere of culture.

⸗ Place for turning high ideas into down-to-earth.

⸗ A Meeting Platform for experts in the sphere of power, business and creative class.

⸗ Laboratory for the development of a plan for the implementation of new ideas and projects.
⸗ Industry experts who plan to work in the area of culture and participate in its development.

⸗ Business representatives, potential participants in the process of cultural development in the region.

⸗ Citizens who have opened and plan to open a small business, able to create synergy with culture.

⸗ Organizers of events in the region.

⸗ Representatives of municipal and regional authorities.

⸗ Students studying various areas of culture.
⸗ To formulate actual problems of the industry of culture.

⸗ Generate fresh solutions for the challenges facing the area.

⸗ Attract creative initiatives to cultural circulation, create the basis for popular projects.

⸗ To gather the professional community, authorities and the creative class.

⸗ Develop the competence of cultural specialists in project work.

⸗ Involve new audiences in the work of cultural and creative institutions.
⸗ Constant search and openness to new ideas and meanings, awareness of the value of culture.

⸗ A new look at familiar places and formats.

⸗ Particular attention and striсt requirements for the quality of speakers, details and design.

⸗ A conscious attitude towards the environment and ecology.

⸗ Love for yourself, your business and others.
⸗ Ideas (how to find an idea, how to choose the right one, how to raise a creative class).

⸗ Promotion (creating an effective brand, promotion, SMM, working with the media, new trends).

⸗ Money (how to interest an investor, how to make an investment proposal, government support vs crowdfunding, fundraising).
⸗ Ideas, how to find them?

⸗ What ideas will work?

⸗ How to develop creativity?

⸗ Brand is the basis of success or a waste of time?

⸗ How to hear and correctly understand what citizens want?
⸗ Forms of implementation of ideas.

⸗ Events as a perfect way to get emotions.

⸗ Promotion: online and offline.

⸗ How to tell about yourself, your business and your company.
⸗ How to create quality service in cultural institutions.

⸗ Patron / sponsor / investor / partner - how to interest them.

⸗ Correctly drawn up strategic plan is the key to success.

⸗ Options for cooperation and interaction between cultural institutions - how to create a synergistic effect.

⸗ Fundamentals of creation and the need for cultural clusters.
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